• digital business planner
  • digital business planner
  • digital business planner
  • digital business planner
  • digital business planner
  • digital business planner

digital business planner

this digital planner is geared to help you manage your small business, stay focused, and keep up with your progress/goals. whether you just started your business or have had it for years, there is something for you in this planner!

what's in the planner you say!?

- a page to write out your current goals in different aspects of your life.

-a vision board where you can add photos to help visualize your business dreams.

-a page to jot down craft ideas, maybe what you need for them, inspo pics, etc.

-a project planner page where you can outline everything you need for it, the cost, how long it takes, how much profit you would make, and more!

-an order tracker to help manage orders if you don't have a system that does it for you. or if you also take orders outside of your website.

- a biz budget tracker page to help manage money that is coming in and out of your business. 

-the week at a glance page gives you a generalized overview of your tasks for the entire week and what needs to be prioritized. you can also include what orders you need to fulfill that week. 

-the daily planner pages are designed to plan out your entire daily schedule, write out what type of social media content you'll be posting today, the orders you got that day, your to-do list, and top priorities.

-finally we have the weekly reflection page that helps you reflect on your past week, what you can do better, what you're proud of and your intentions for the next week. 

all the pages in this planner can be copied or deleted to customize it however you prefer. 



firstly you will need some type of tablet like an ipad with a pencil stylus that can run the app goodnotes or notability. I prefer to use it in the app goodnotes. you can technically download this on your phone as goodnotes can be used on a smart phone, but it wouldn't be the most optimal way to use the planner.

1. download the PDF document that is attached to this post onto your tablet. 

2. once downloaded, go to files on your tablet and open the pdf document into goodnotes.

3. import as new document on goodnotes and you are all set up! 

4. choose your favorite cover art by simply deleting the pages of the cover art you don't want


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